Today’s classic car scene has something for everyone; be it a veteran London to Brighton run entrant, VSCC hill climb or racing car, classic 60s sports car, 80s super car,90s homologation rally car or classic off-roader. Charterhouse have been conducting specialist classic car auctions since 2000 and  have literally sold thousands of vehicles in that time from barn finds worth a few hundred pounds to Aston Martins with six figure price tags!

Classic cars have performed extremely well over the last few years as an investment when compared to more conventional investments such as gold, shares, cash deposits and property. They also have the advantage of being a fun activity with owners club support offering not only technical advice and support but numerous social activities from noggin and natters to continental tours.

Charterhouse are well placed to offer advice when both purchasing or selling a vehicle with an extensive mailing list and contacts throughput the classic car fraternity. We conduct auctions in association with some of the largest and prestigious Classic car shows in the West Country which combined with our extensive advertising campaign, bring thousands of like-minded enthusiasts together to both buy and sell.

Our next auction is taking place on the 18th and 19th June at the Bristol Classic Car Show and you’ll discover there is an eclectic mix of cars from which to choose. They range from a Chrysler Talbot Horizon (with one owner and only 318 miles on the clock) in totally original condition to an iconic fully restored Jaguar E-Type coupe from the swinging 60s.

So, in my opinion, everyone should own a classic at least once because they are both fun, offer a great investment opportunity and rekindle memories of one’s past!